About Us

With over 12 years of experience in marketing, Philippa Channer will help you to develop a marketing plan and content strategy that is easy to understand, execute and measure so that you can go back to selling your products or services and increasing your revenue.

Channer Consulting, LLC is dedicated to serving small business owners who have limited time, need assistance in creating an effective marketing plan, and need a deeper understanding of marketing trends. We help you to:

  • Build your social community
  • Improve the quality of your social content
  • Gain more customers

The content marketing strategy products we provide include free monthly webinars for our clients & guests, a fast turnaround on assignments, and participation in monthly community projects. Channer consulting is dedicated to enriching and giving back to our community.

If you are wondering whether Channer Consulting is the right place for you to get your marketing products we invite you to get to know us first. We are happy to welcome you to our team. Use the 'Schedule Consultation' buttons below to connect with us and share your Digital Marketing needs.