Episode 86: Revolutionize Your Small Business Marketing with These Strategies w/Andrew Schulkind

Episode 86: Revolutionize Your Small Business Marketing with These Strategies w/Andrew Schulkind

In this episode of the Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners podcast, host Philippa Channer interviews Andrew Schulkind, author of "Marketing for Small B2B Businesses". We discuss his latest book, which is aimed at business owners and marketers, and covers a broad range of marketing topics, including branding, websites, email marketing, social media, and sales.

Andrew emphasizes the importance of branding and fulfilling promises to clients, as well as having a strategic approach to marketing.

He also discusses the need for businesses to be prepared for growth and the benefits of content partnerships. The episode provides valuable insights for small business owners looking to improve their marketing strategies.

Timestamps from this Podcast

Introduction [00:00:05]

Philippa Channer introduces herself and the purpose of the podcast, which is to help small business owners understand marketing and develop marketing strategies.

Andrew Schulkind's background [00:01:21]

Andrew Schulkind introduces himself and his company, Liger, which does website development and content marketing for mission-driven businesses.

Branding for local businesses [00:06:15]

Philippa Channer and Andrew Schulkind discuss the importance of branding for local businesses and how it goes beyond just a logo and colors. They define branding as every touchpoint a business has with a client or prospective client, and how it makes a promise that must be delivered on.

Branding [00:07:13]

The speakers discuss the importance of branding and how it goes beyond just the appearance of a business. They emphasize the need for consistency in how a business presents itself both online and in person.

Marketing as a Process [00:09:22]

The speakers talk about the importance of having a marketing process in place, with metrics and milestones to measure success. They also discuss the need for an editorial calendar to plan content creation in advance.

Marketing for the Right Clients [00:12:30]

The speakers discuss how marketing should not only be about winning more work, but also about attracting the right clients. They emphasize the importance of making it clear who a business can help and how they can help them.

Difference in client needs [00:13:48]

Philippa Channer discusses how clients with different levels of experience have different expectations and needs.

Content partnerships [00:15:28]

Andrew Schulkind explains the concept of content partnerships and how they can benefit both parties and their audience.

Book availability and author contact [00:18:15]

Andrew Schulkind shares where to find his book and how to connect with him and his company.