Episode 53: What are the Holiday Marketing Trends We Expect in 2022?

Episode 53: What are the Holiday Marketing Trends We Expect in 2022?

The holiday seasons are a great time for small business owners to get the word out about who they are and how they help solve their audience's problems with their products and services. And a great way to consider different marketing strategies to try this holiday season would be to look back at the trends and tactics that have worked in the past. 

If you are new here, I run this podcast by planning and recording my content based on short monthly series. This month I am focusing on different holiday marketing tactics. Last week I kicked off the series with an overview of holiday marketing strategies. If you missed it, check out episode 52 now and then come back to today's message. 

I touched on holiday marketing trends and mentioned a few to get things started. Today I wanted to expand more on some holiday trends to consider.

What is the Current State of Holiday Marketing since 2020?

We are also seeing a decline in some digital marketing campaigns for the holidays this year compared to last year. This could be due to increased competition for attention or because companies are spending more on other channels than social media and search engine marketing. More local campaigns are being developed to encourage people to come to their stores again.

What are Some Predictions For The Best Holiday Marketers in 2022?

The holiday season is one of the most profitable times for retailers. It is also when consumers are looking for new products and services. Marketers can use this to their advantage by predicting what will be popular in 2022 and focusing on those trends.Some of the predictions that might be seen in 2022 are:

  1. Holiday shopping will start earlier.
  2. Having Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be very important.
  3. Influencers will have a significant impact on what people purchase.

Other Tips On How To Market Your Product or Service Over Holiday Season

Today I want to leave you with some additional helpful marketing tips on marketing your product or service over the holiday season. 

  1. Use a holiday theme in your marketing campaign
  2. Create timely and relevant social media posts for the holiday season.
  3. Paid Search Is the Easiest Way to Get to the Top

We can learn a lot by looking at what has happened in the past and noting what worked and didn't. We can also benefit from watching trends as they unfold over time. This holiday season, I am confident, will be very different from any other holiday season. We have more people planning than ever, and a strong pattern of purchases is happening based on what we see influencers doing online. So it is up to us as small business owners to keep up with the trends and adjust our marketing efforts to meet our customers where they are.