Local Paid Advertisement Strategy for Small Businesses

Local Paid Advertisement Strategy for Small Businesses

So you are considering investing in a paid advertisement for your business but don't know where to start. You want to make sure you target the right people, in the right areas to make the most of your investment. So how do we do this? Keep listening to this podcast to find out how. 

Hey there, and welcome to the Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners podcast, I am your host Philippa Channer and I am a Content Marketing Strategist helping entrepreneurs and small business owners create, implement, and measure their marketing plans & content strategies. I started this channel to help business owners like yourself take control of their marketing and get more effective results. 

This month I am launching a small series on the value and importance of Local SEO and how small businesses can improve their chances of getting found on Google. Today we are focusing on local advertisement options and how to get the most out of the investment we put forward. Let's start off by talking about two different types of localized paid advertisement.

What is an Online Localized Paid Ad?

First, let's look at online localized paid ads. A localized paid ad is the use of a company’s advertisement on a search engine to show up for an individual user when they are looking for something specific.The ads are geographically targeted and only show up in the search engine results for that person’s location.

This form of advertising is also called “contextual advertising,” because the ads are tailored to what someone is likely to be looking for at that moment.Paid ads can be targeted by industry, region, or even city with this type of advertising.

For example, if someone searches “restaurant near me” on Google Maps, they will see a list of restaurants in their area and then have the option to click on one of them and get more information about it. So if you want people in your area to learn about you, find you, and buy from you, you can pay localized paid ads to ensure your business shows up in the right searches.

Offline Paid Advertising Techniques That Work For Your Business

Advertising is the most important aspect of any business. It is an investment that can either make or break your company. But online advertisement isn't our only option for reaching our audience. Let's run down some of the best offline advertising techniques that work for your business. The suggestions below are some of the more cost-effective offline options. 

1) Direct Mail Marketing: Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers and convert them into loyal consumers. The postcard sends a message to your customers while they are at home, which makes it a more personal way to advertise than other offline advertising techniques like billboards or newspaper ads.

2) Newspaper Ads: Newspaper ads are still an effective way to reach out and communicate with potential clients, especially if you have a local business and want to target people in the area where you operate

.3) Participate in trade shows: Attending and participating in trade shows is another way to get more exposure for your business. Whether you’re displaying or selling, you’ll be able to generate quality leads in just a few short days.

4) Invest in a Good PR rep: They can help you submit press releases for your company milestones and announcements. You can Invite the press over for an official meet and greet and also Invite public officials to your office to comment about a top-of-mind issue that pertains to your business and invite the press.

Local Advertising Ideas & Tactics that are Proven to Work but come with a higher price tag

Local advertising can be also done in many different ways, such as TV commercials, radio ads, and billboards. 

1) TV commercials. This type of advertising is often seen as more expensive than other forms of local advertising because it costs a lot to produce the commercial and air it on TV stations in the area. However, it can be very effective for reaching a large number of people quickly and efficiently if done correctly.

2) Radio ads: This type of advertising typically costs less than TV commercials because there are not any production costs involved with making the ad. 

3) Billboards: Go for innovative design if you want your billboards to stand out. There’s so much you can do with outdoor advertising, especially if your billboards are located in high-traffic areas.

The Importance of Localized Marketing for Your Business Growth

Localized marketing is the key to success for any business. It is a great way to connect with your target audience. Our goal today is to help you understand the benefits of localized marketing and how it can help your business grow. When done correctly and included in your overall marketing strategy, localized offline tactics can have a great impact on the success of your marketing investments. Localized marketing is an essential part of a company’s growth strategy that should not be ignored.

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