Episode 48: Using High-Value Content to Generate Leads

Episode 48: Using High-Value Content to Generate Leads

When creating and sharing content, I have found that using themes helps the planning process. That is why for this Podcast, you will see me present information in the form of a monthly mini-series. I tend to plan shorter episodes so as not to overload you with too much information at once time and plan out the content to cover four weeks. All that to say, my marketing topic of choice for October has to do with generating leading. We will explore ways small business owners can generate leads using their marketing resources. We kick off the series and start with how we can use the content we create (meaning blogs, podcasts, or videos) to generate leads. In today's message, you will hear me speak on:

Ways to Use High-Value Content To Generate More Leads

Creating and sharing high-value content is a great way to generate more leads for your business. The content you create can be educational, entertaining, or both. The key is creating content that offers your audience value and benefits.1) Content should be educational:2) Content should be entertaining3) How to find a nice balance between the two

How To Use High-Value Content To Make Your Marketing More Effective

High-value content is more than words on the page or a well-worded script. It’s about creating something valuable for your readers and providing them with a real solution to their problems.

Ways to use your high-value content to generate a quality lead

The key is to include a clear Call to Action on each piece of content you create. You want your audience to know precisely how they can engage and work with you once they are ready to make a move.