Episode 52: Holiday Marketing Strategies for 2022

Episode 52: Holiday Marketing Strategies for 2022

The phrase "this year has flown by so fast" is used so much, but for real ... this year went by instantly. I am not ready for the holidays. But what better way to get ready than to prepare a podcast series on holiday marketing strategies? Taking the time to create information for you gives me a chance to get my act together. 

If this is your first time here, this podcast focuses on marketing advice and guidance for small business owners. Here you will learn about everything from organic content marketing development to the different paid advertising options and everything in between. I package this information in short podcast episodes, which typically last between 10-14 minutes. And I present the information in the form of a small marketing mini-series. 

This month, my series of choices is focused on Holiday Marketing Strategies that all small businesses can deploy with little effort. We will explore different marketing tactics we can try during the holiday session to drive awareness and encourage purchases of our most seasonal products and services. So if you find yourself with a holiday special you want to share with the world, then get ready to learn how you can start marketing your special today. Here is what you will learn during the first episode of this new series.

What are the new Marketing Trends We Expect this Holiday Season?

Marketing trends are constantly changing and evolving. This first message will discuss new marketing trends we expect to see this holiday season. In recent years, social media's rise has changed how we market our products.

Get a Head Start on Creating Your Own Marketing Campaigns for the Holidays of 2022

There are many ways to get a head start on your marketing campaigns for the holidays of 2022. One of those ways is to look back at the holidays of 2021 and see what worked and didn't work from your previous campaign strategy. If you didn't have a strategy last, it's not too late to start the practice.

Different Ways You Can Use to Make Your Marketing Campaign Stand Out This Year

Every year marketers have to think of new ways to make their marketing campaigns stand out. Here are some tactics I recommend you try. 

1) Use visuals: Visuals are a great way to make your marketing campaign stand out. 

2) Create an interactive experience: It's essential that you create an interactive experience when you're trying to market your product or service. 

3) Generate A Response: People can more easily recall social experiences that they engage with. Create posts that encourage your audience to respond.