Episode 58: When to set marketing goals for the next year

Episode 58: When to set marketing goals for the next year

Today we are digging deeper into goal setting and discussing when is the right time to sit down and start writing out your new year's business goals. One of the most essential things for any company is to set goals. Without goals, it is difficult to reach the desired result. Marketing goals are an essential part of an organization’s marketing strategy. They are the targets business owners must achieve to ensure their marketing campaign is successful.

When is the time right?

Many experts encourage folks to start early to hit the ground running when the new year begins. And I completely agree that being prepared is key to getting the momentum going. But honestly, the date January 1, is really arbitrary. Starting your new goals on March 1 instead of January 1 doesn't make them any less impactful or essential. The actual start date isn't what is significant. What is important is that you make a commitment, stick with it, and track your progress throughout the year.

Are you Prepared for the Next Set of Goals?

Other than just the fact that it's been 12 months since your last goal-planning session, you really need to ensure that you and your business have fully completed the previously set goals. You don't want to jump onto the next project if the first round of campaigns hasn't closed out yet.

How to set the right environment for setting business goals

The last thing I wanted to mention regarding selecting the right time to set your new year's goals for your marketing strategies is how to set the mood for a goal-setting session.