Our Story

A few months before COVID19 changed everything, I found myself voluntarily unemployed and seeking a direction and purpose for how I spent my time. I really enjoyed the experience I had as a Communications Manager for a non-profit organization for the past 14 years, and I wanted to take what I learned about marketing to help small business owners with their social media and content.

I started my own company and right away started to help several clients manage their social media accounts. I felt strongly that I was going in the right direction and really enjoyed helping my clients, but I felt like something was still missing. That I could be doing more to help each business in a more meaningful and lasting way.

As I developed content for each client I was discovering that there was no real overarching plan and strategy behind why we were producing and posting the content that we were doing. Each client appreciated the work that was being done and the growth their platforms were achieving. But at the same time, I felt there was a very big piece of the puzzle still missing and I had to fill that gap.

My clients and others I spoke with really understood the principle that their social media accounts and content should be adding value to their brand but that wasn't happening. So I started to reconsider the services I was offering to focus more on providing some planning and strategy assistance instead. From this change, I moved to focus on Marketing Plan development. Again I felt strongly that I was moving faster in the right direction but still something was missing.

I took some time off over the summer of 2021 to focus on some family issues and also reflect on what this missing piece of my service was and how I could better serve the small business owners I meet. I thought back to what made my experience at the non-profit organization so good and what I was doing that was different. I realized that I had gotten very good at creating marketing campaigns that focused on content development and distribution. I looked at my marketing plan document and realized it didn't tell clients what to post, how often, or where. That was my aha moment of impact. Where the light bulbs turned on and I started to fill that gap.

Since then I now offer my clients a very comprehensive marketing tool that includes developing a solid marketing plan, a creative brief, media brief, content planner, and measurement plan. With this plan in hand, my clients were not having a much deeper understanding of how their marketing channels can help build their brand and generate leads.

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